Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dixie Cafe

Before we went to Garvan Gardens, we met our friends for what was supposed to be a lunch date. Somehow we ended up crashing their party and tagging along with them to Hot Springs.
Daddy and his "Baby Dog"
Ava is proud of her ice cream and the fact she is sitting at the "big kid" table.
Aus always has smile!
These two boys get mistaken for brothers we when go out, I have even overheard someone ask if they were twins. I agree they may look alike, but their personalities are even more alike!
We love Dixie Cafe and eat there way too much! On Saturdays from 11-4 they have Family Day. You can order an adult entree for $6.99 and add a kids meal for $1.99, this includes a drink and free dessert for the kids. Since the girls don't eat a lot, we just order two kids meals and they share with the boys. We can eat at a sit down restuarant for the same if not cheaper than what we pay for fast food. Not a bad deal for a family of seven. We even have our favorite waitress who knows our drink orders if that tells you how often we visit! 

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