Monday, June 3, 2013

Garvan Woodland Gardens

I am so behind! But I wanted to post these cute pics from an outing to Hot Springs. We went to Garvan Woodland Gardens with our friends the Withcher's back when the tulips were blooming and the weather was cooler!
Addy was not thrilled to have her picture taken but I love the colors!
Almost everyone looking at the camera!
Throw a baby in the picture and she turns into all smiles!
Something we found that was not on our list for the scavenger hunt!
Our 5 precious blessings!
Some of the kids, I'm missing two babies, and two littles.
Thanks to Ms. Stacy for taking this great family pic!
These two crack me up! You can always find them hanging out when our families get together. I think Ava talks Henry's ear off, but he's a good sport. We had a great day playing outdoors with our friends!

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  1. Ben will be crushed that he is not in the picture! ;-) LOL