Monday, April 29, 2013

Ava @ 4 Years!

Ava Marie, you are 4 years old!

You are Momma's big helper! We call you little momma and you tell me you want to be just like me!

Your favorite activity-holding Arynn
You want to grow up too fast. You might be disappointed when you wake up today and realize you can't drive. You have been telling us that when you turn 4 you can drive a car, cook dinner and be a momma!


Home from the hospital
You are very loving, you like to hold Daddy's hand at the dinner table (he now eats with his left hand!) We also call you "the whobody". This started when you were two, instead of saying somebody, you used the word whobody, the name stuck.

One year
You are very intelligent, you are insisting on starting school this year, so I ordered you some Kindergarten worksheets. You also enjoy working puzzles and copying letters and know most of your letter sounds.

Two years

You are playful! You like to ride your bike. You play house with Addy, you both call each other "momma" when playing. You take turns pushing each other in the stroller.

Three years
You love your boys and tend to "mother" them, Aus takes it pretty well, but you and Aiden tend to butt heads.
Playing at the park
You are very caring and love all babies, especially your baby sister. The first words out of your mouth every morning are, "When can I hold Arynn?" You also love your baby dolls, Tommy and Maddie are a few of your favorites. You spend a lot of time playing with your family set.
You always have a smile for the camera!
You might be considered high maintenance. ;-) When we asked you what you wanted for your birthday, the list was endless... a ring like momma's, dinosaurs, a real phone, and a real car were just a few of the answers.

You are your Daddy's girl. When you found out that Daddy was going out of town for a week you cried your eyes out and wouldn't let him out of your sight for the rest of the night. It broke your Daddy's heart but he assured you that it wouldn't be for long.

Our big girl!

It is so fun watching you grow up every day with the new things that you learn and say.  We know that God is going to do wonderful things with your life and we feel so blessed to have you.  You are growing up too fast but by the grace of God we are going to raise you for His service.  We love you so much!







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