Thursday, April 18, 2013


One night after church, I sent the girls to get ready for bed. I forgot their dresses zipped up in the back and they would need help. About the time I remembered and walked in to check on them. I walked in on this conversation.
Ava: "Addy, you turn around and Sissy will unzip your dress."
Addy: "Okay"
{I ran to grab my camera.}
Ava: "Okay, I'm done. Now, Sissy's going to turn around and you need to unzip mine."
Addy: "Okay."
This is the picture I got, poor quality but I didn't want to forget this moment.
Sometimes they fight and yell but they truly love each other and work to help each other out. Their bond is so sweet it almost makes me a little envious. ;-) I hope they always stay close and rely on each other. I know Arynn will be right there with them soon! We sure do love our sweet little girls.

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