Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Austen @ 6 Years

Austen Lee, you are 6 years old!

Just a few days old, you were such a laid back baby.
Our baby boy turning 1, you loved your cake and still have a thing for sweets!
At 2, we celebrated on the back porch and you shared a party with Aiden.
At 3, we took you out to Dorey's (your choice).

Four years old and another hot July party on the back porch.
For your 5th party we went to the community center. You requested a tractor cake and were very disappointed when it showed up and didn't have a trailer with it! You also requested strawberries, watermelon, and apple pie. You love to eat fruit!
We can't believe you are six years old! It seems like just yesterday we were waiting to meet you! You bring so much joy to our lives. You keep us smiling with your funny expressions and your sense of humor. You love to ride bikes with your brother although you are not a fan of the heat and sneak inside sometimes when Aiden is not looking. ;-) Your favorite inside toys to play with are cars or animals. You will be starting first grade this year. You actually enjoy school and do not give up easily. If something is difficult, you keep a positive attitude and keep on going (just like your Daddy)! Your brother is your best friend and you always think of him first. You are a busy boy! It is very hard to take your picture because you are always on the move. You are mechanically minded like Daddy and want to know how everything works. You amaze me with your ability to fix things and problem solving skills. You love your baby sisters and are their protector. You recently told me you were so glad we have Arynn. You still love to cuddle and even though we don't hear it as often, we still get requests to sit in the recliner and rock you. We love you baby boy! Happy Birthday!

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