Saturday, June 29, 2013

Aiden @ 9 Years

Aiden Thomas, you are 9 years old!

You are so special to your family! We can't believe how fast you are growing up. It seems like it was just yesterday we were taking these pictures.

Our firstborn who stole our hearts!
(Daddy's hair is crazy!!!)
Celebrating your 1st birthday with LOTS of family and friends. Over 50 people came to your party!

Your 2nd party was all about Elmo, your favorite show at the time.

Your 3rd birthday, just 10 short days before you became a big brother.

Your 4th birthday was a pool party.

Your 5th birthday you shared the spotlight with your brother and you both enjoyed a train themed party.

Your 6th birthday was at Larry's Pizza.
Your 7th birthday was spent at home with your family. 
Your 8th birthday was with family at Dorey's (which is now closed) and you got a guitar.
You continue to practice your guitar and look forward to playing specials at church. You played "Silent Night" and Momma sang with you at Christmas. At Easter, it was 5th Sunday services and you played "Jesus Loves Me" while you and your siblings sang along. You plan on playing again with Momma the next 5th Sunday too.
Working hard in the garden with Daddy.
You are my right hand man. I honestly don't know how I would make it without you. You walk with your baby sister when she is fussy and you have a great deal of patience with all of your siblings. You take good care of your dogs and are very compassionate when it comes to animals. You might have your Poppa's tender heart. You enjoy reading and listening to audio books. You tell us you want to be a farmer when you grow up. You are a hard worker. You help your Daddy with yard work and love spending time with him. Recently you and your brother took a float trip with Daddy and Uncle Beef to the Buffalo River. I am still hearing stories about your overnight excursion!
You also enjoy drawing and drew this picture for your Uncle Beef of your trip to the Buffalo.
We feel so blessed to be your parents and watch you grow into a young man. Our prayer is that you will continue serving the Lord and seek His will for your life. We love you Aiden Tommy and are so proud of the man you are becoming!!!

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  1. O my goodness! I can NOT believe he is 9!!! I still remember talking to Cody on the phone at SAU and him telling me you were prego! lol! He is soo lucky to have you as his mom! I wish I could be even half as good a mom as you are! Love you!