Thursday, June 27, 2013

Arynn @ 3 Months

Arynn Lizabeth, you are 3 months old!
You are very smiley these days! 
I don't have an official weight for 3 months, but I know you are over 12 pounds.
 You can't get enough of these two boys, they seem to be your favorite source of entertainment.
 The reason Momma knows you are somewhere over 12 pounds is because they weighed you on your first trip to the ER at 2.5 months. We had a small incident involving your oldest sister, you and the bed. Thankfully, everyone turned out just fine!
You are getting stronger, and spending lots more time on your tummy, you will be taking off too soon!

You are rolling from your belly to your back a lot and are very content to play in the floor for extended periods.
I love to watch you hold your hands, when I nurse you, you get this same grip on Momma's shirt.
Your hair is starting to have a reddish tint, I guess this comes from Poppa Kenneth and Nanny Lee. Nanny had red hair as a child and Poppa has red in his beard. I would love a red headed baby!!!
 So Sweet!
Since the incident, you have officially been evicted from Momma & Daddy's bed and now sleep in the pack and play- ALL NIGHT!!! It makes me smile too!!!
Your serious face.
You survived a whole week without Daddy (just barely) and helped him celebrate his birthday when he came home from Denver. You also helped Ava celebrate her birthday.
 Photographic evidence of the fact that Momma must have recessive genes...
and Daddy has all of the dominant genes!

You are starting to suck your thumb but I'm not too worried about it becoming a habit. All of your siblings did for a short time. You are still wearing 0-3 month, size 2 diapers and you can almost fit into a size 2 shoe. You are growing up too fast baby girl. We love you!


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