Saturday, July 23, 2011

Addy @ Five Months

Addy Kay, you are five months old!

You are officially crawling and sitting up!
You wear a white edge prefold and medium covers. You wear a size 3 disposable at night because I cannot find anything that you will not leak through! (suggestions,  please?) You mainly wear size 6-9 month clothes, some 3-6 month and some 12 month, basically whatever is clean and will fit! Your size two shoes are almost too small. 

According to the bathroom scales you weigh around 17 pounds. You are still sleeping in your crib, but not as well. I think you are getting a tooth and want to nurse for comfort but we may try cereal soon. You are supposed to take a nap when your brothers do school, but so far you have different plans. I hope it is just the tooth disrupting your schedule, because you used to be a great sleeper. 

You laugh out loud a lot. You love to try and eat paper, you like to sit in your high chair and chew on a spoon during meals. You are not a fan of the bottle. You will take a bottle, but continue to cry and insist on nursing when you are through so it is not really worth it. You hum to yourself when you are sleepy and nursing. You chew on your toes and anything you can get in your mouth. When you get really excited you open your mouth wide and crinkle your nose! You are pretty good at playing in the floor and entertaining yourself, but if I walk by, you remember I am not holding you and you cry while crawling after me. You like to be held from 7:00 pm until bedtime, no one else can substitute, it has to be Mommy. I enjoy holding you on my hip as we finish our night time routine, but you are starting to get really heavy! You are such a blessing and we love you so much!

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