Saturday, July 9, 2011

Austen @ Four Years

Austen Lee, you are four years old!
Birthday Boy
Wow, it seems like just yesterday we were holding you in the hospital and now you are 4! You are a BIG boy! I can no longer refer to you as a "little." You weigh 39 pounds and are 44 inches tall. You wear size 5 clothes and are in a size 11 shoe.
2 years
You are always too busy for pictures, so most of them are of the top of your head or a sideways glance or are just blurry!
3 years
You are our "ham." You love to cuddle, rub ears, and just be rocked. We love it when you are sleepy and say, "can somebody just please rock me?" Before we know it you will be too big for these moments.
You love being a big brother. You spend most of your time playing with Aiden, but you also like to play with your sisters. You never want anyone to be in trouble, and you have been known to take the blame even when innocent to keep others out of trouble. You are very sensitive to everyone's needs and work hard at trying to cheer up your family members if they are sad.

Your new movie
You are your father's child, you love the outdoors, you are very mechanically minded. You are a very happy boy, you hardly ever cry unless your feelings are hurt. When you get physically hurt or are sick, you don't complain you just keep on going.

You smile all of the time, at other people, at books, toys and just to be smiling. You are so loving  and cuddly. You favorite book is Farmer Will. You love to play with cars. You will be doing "school" this year with your brother and you seem genuinely excited about it.

We can't imagine how dull our lives would be without you! Happy 4th Birthday to our baby boy! We love you Austen Lee!

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