Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Day of School

My Mom always took pictures of me on my first day of school, so why not carry on the tradition? The plan is to start the first full week after Austen's birthday, but we were a week behind this year. By starting our school in July, we miss out on all the really hot weather, and get out in April for the really nice weather.

Ava takes her nap during school, but of course Sissy was going to have her picture made too!

Aiden-2nd grade
Can't you tell he is super excited about U.S. History? Actually he was very excited, but he would never want anyone to know!

Austen- Pre-K 
Now that's the kind of enthusiasm I like to see, or is that fear?

2011-2012 Class of Mashburn University ;-)
  Enough with the photo shoot, now let's get to work!

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