Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Hair Cut

I warned you, we just couldn't take the comments anymore!
Look at all of that long hair!
Aus had a similar hair-do and it never fell out completely. He was still sporting a mo-hawk at 11 months when he got his first hair cut. Might could pass for cute on a boy, but not so much on a little girl!
The after. 
All I did was thin it out really good, I left it thicker in the back because I couldn't make her completely bald. Now I have decided she looks like Charlie Brown! Oh well, it will grow back, hopefully?
Momma ran for a bow as soon as we were finished, it really did change her looks. I cried a little, but now we are glad we did it. I am sure she will thank us one day when looking back at her baby pictures!

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