Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Party Time Take 2

A few days after Jacob's party, it was time to celebrate this precious girl turning 4!
She got a couple of packages in the mail from some sweet friends. She was so excited and I had to grab the camera, Ava could hardly wait to open her gift!
I love this face!
All the Mashburn men + 1 sweet baby girl
We love having outside parties, but the bad thing about our back porch is that it gets direct sunlight after 6:00. I'm hoping our new house won't have this problem! ;)
Ava asked for a puppy dog cake and she picked out a cake pan at the library. She even picked out the colors. This was the best her Momma could do, but she didn't seem to mind.
Nanny and Arynn enjoying themselves at the party.
Her main request for her birthday was a ring like Momma's. Daddy picked out a ring for her and she loved it! We had to get it sized down to a 2, but she has not taken it off since she got it back!
Showing off her gift from Daddy.
Enjoying her cake and ice cream!
We partied so late, we had to move inside to eat cake. She had a wonderful night with her family. It was so fun to watch her excitement for her big day. Ava later told us it was her best day ever!

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  1. AWWW! Soo Sweet! Isn't it so fun to make their cakes yourself?!That's so cute that she wanted a ring :)