Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Addy @ Three Weeks

Addy Kay you are three weeks old!

This past week has been very busy! On Thursday you got to meet our friends the W's. They came down to visit, and bring another meal! We are so blessed to have them in our lives! For some reason, neither one of the Mommas remembered to take pics until they were leaving. On Friday we saw our friends again when you attended your first auction! You were not very impressed but your brothers were! They have played "auction" all week! Saturday we tried to make a trip to Wye Mountain, but apparently so did everyone else in the state; we opted for another outing! We ended up in Scott, at the Agricultural Museum (we will be going again soon) and we ate lunch at Cotham's. Then we made your first trip to Mimi & Poppa's, where you met Papaw for the first time. He thought you were very sweet. Uncle Beef was also there to visit you and held you for the first time! So many firsts!
You and I didn't make it to church on Sunday, because Mommy wasn't feeling very well. We probably did too much in one weekend. We stayed home again on Monday, and Tuesday was another big errand day. Thankfully, Daddy's job changed and he got a four day weekend.
You continue to be a very laid-back baby and still a great sleeper. We started using cloth diapers this past week and you are in a preemie prefold and extra small/newborn cover. You still love to be swaddled! None of your siblings cared either way, but you get very upset when you are not wrapped up tight. Your jaundice is looking much better but we still get comments on how "tan" you are. No weight check this week, Daddy says I need to relax and enjoy you instead of worrying. Sounds good to me, I just wish it was that easy! We love you Addy!

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