Friday, March 25, 2011

Out & About

A couple of weekends ago, we tried to go to Wye Mountain. Since it didn't work out, we spent the day in Scott. These are a few pics from that weekend. I had purchased clothes that matched for the girls and coordinating shirts for the guys, hoping to get some great pictures. Well, this is what we I ended up with, no pretty daffodils, just pretty cute kids!
Ava is always ready to strike a pose and say "CHEESE!"

The boys are a different story, I can never get them to give me a real smile, and by the time I am done coaching them, Ava has lost interest.

Daddy and his girls.
Ava is such a Daddy's girl. The are so fun to watch, you can just see her melting his heart!
She gets by with way too much, I am certain she has him right where she wants him, wrappped around her little finger!

After a long day, we were finally headed home, but Ava had time for just one more pose!

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  1. LOVE IT!!! If I have a boy, I'm sooo takin' your idea of dressin' em alike!!!