Thursday, March 17, 2011

Home Depot-Race Cars

The first weekend in March, we were able to make it to Home Depot for their monthly project. This month was race cars, a big hit with the boys! There was a track set up and the kids got to race their cars when they were finished building. The kids really look forward to going, and I am glad we had the opportunity to go as a family of 6.

Patiently waiting on directions.
Aus can't wait to get his hands on his project!
Ready to race!
After multiple trips down the track, I was finally able to drag all four of them away!

After we left Home Depot, we went to Dixie Cafe for lunch. During a previous trip, Aiden had put the kids' names in a drawing. Austen's name was drawn as "little person of the week." This means he got a free lunch and dessert. We didn't know, but on Saturdays from 11-4, they also have Family Day. Adults can choose from 5 different entrees for $6.99 and then you can get a kids meal for $1.99, for every adult that pays. Plus kids get a free dessert with their meal. Usually Ava shares with me, but since Aus was free, we ordered food for her also. We all ordered water to drink, so we  ate lunch for under $20. What a deal! We always spend more than that on fast food.  We had lots of leftovers even though we ate too much. We try not to eat out a lot, but when you spend the whole day away from home you can't get around it. I don't mind cooking but sometimes it is worth the money to have someone else wait on you! We have decided we might have to visit Dixie once a month after our Home Depot trip. 

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