Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome Home Addy!

We have wonderful friends! Ms. Stacy delivered the stork to our house, along with a beautiful wreath and delicious meal. All this in a horrible storm, while we were still in the hospital. Then I was such a wreck, I wasn't up for visitors. Such a long drive and she put forth a lot of effort! We are so thankful for her and her family. I still feel awful about not seeing her, but we will have a make-up visit soon.

The kids thought the stork was really neat, Austen was completely fascinated with it. Aus always has lots of questions, "How did it get here?" & "How long is it going to stay?" After question #563, I put him on ignore, so I guess he came to his own conclusions. On Sunday morning before church, Aus looked out the girls' window and saw the stork, he came to the living room and announced his findings. "Well, that big buzzard is still in the yard!" We needed a good laugh, not sure where he got buzzard,  possibly from Hank the Cowdog, (the boys favorite audio books) but either way it was too cute!

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