Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Addy @ Two Weeks

Addy Kay, you are two weeks old!

You have been out to eat twice. Once on Friday, followed by a trip to Hastings, then again on Saturday after our trip to Home Depot. You slept through both outings except waking just long enough to eat. We had a potluck at church on Sunday. Mommy fed you before going into the fellowship hall and with a full belly, you slept through all the noise. Most people can't believe how well you sleep, but I am pretty sure that happens when you have 3 older siblings.
You are still sleeping good at night, sometimes a five hour stretch. When you are awake, you are very alert. Sunday night, you stayed awake, but very well behaved, for the whole church service! Your cry is getting louder, you even shocked Daddy and I with just how loud you can get. So far you have been our easiest baby! (Besides the whole delivery/NICU experience, but we won't hold that against you!) Daddy went back to work this week; we miss having him at home very much. I took you in for a weight check this past Monday, you weighed 9 lbs 12 oz. You didn't gain very much, but I think you still had some fluid on board from your IV at your last weigh-in. Your umbilical cord fell off this morning.  Mommy found that you have two dimples just like Ava. The dimple in your right cheek is more pronounced, just like your big sis and Daddy. You are still a little "yellow" but improving everyday. We are down to the last few disposable diapers from the hospital, (size 1) I want to use them and not waste them! A few newborn outfits still "fit" depending on the definition of fit :)

Sissy helped with your photos this morning and gave you lots of tips on how to pose.

She loves you very much as we all do!

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