Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chicken Stories

We currently have 6 chickens: 4 hens and 2 roosters. They are the boys' responsibility but Daddy helps them out. A couple of weeks ago, Daddy went to check for eggs and found this in the nest box!

He said the eggs were still warm and this guy was just waiting on them. Jake "relocated" the chicken snake, but now there must be a new one. The past few days we haven't had any eggs, or maybe all the storms just have them stressed. 

A few days later, our white silkie was hanging out in the nest box, which had never happened before. Jake went to gather the eggs and she pecked at his hand. We were wanting to get some new chicks, so he moved her to a hutch in the immediate yard to let her sit on her eggs. She had laid two eggs herself and apparently decided to play surrogate to the other hen's eggs. I love going out to look at her. She is such a good little momma. I was really worried about her in the recent storms. I just kept thinking of how I would feel if I was trying to protect my babies. She did fine and is still just waiting patiently.  She is now sitting on a total of 7 eggs, expected to hatch sometime this weekend. How exciting!

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