Friday, May 20, 2011

Emily's Graduation

Ms. Emily is very special to us. She is the granddaughter of some dear friends of ours. We have known her for a while, but for almost a year now she has been an important part of our lives. She is very sweet, kind and wonderful with our kids. She babysits for us occasionally, and without her help we would never have been able to attend our Bradley classes. The kids are in love with her and I consider her to be a dear friend. Here are some pics from her graduation and party.
Class of 2011
Addy was really fussy and I was not able to get many pics at the ceremony. Addy was wanting to fall asleep and every time she would close her eyes, they would announce another name and she would startle and wake up. I felt so sorry for her, but it was actually pretty comical because it happened 70+ times and she never got used to it!
 The kids helping Ms. Emily open her gifts.
(Aiden did attend the party, he was just too busy playing ping pong to have his picture made.)

Her graduation was definitely an experience we will never forget! Jake had to work, so I took the kiddos by myself. It had been a stressful day, but we were not going to miss it. We arrived early  because I was unsure of where we were going. It had been raining off and on, and we had to park a pretty good distance away. Thankfully, Gary and Ann pulled in the parking lot not too long before us and helped us make the  long walk.
 Ava and Ms. Emily

We walked up tons of stairs, into the fieldhouse and found a good seat! We are never early so this was a plus for us! Right before the ceremony started, they announced a tornado was headed for us. We had to evacuate to their storm shelter, which was back down the stairs and a little way from the fieldhouse.
 I'm pretty sure Austen was asking for more fruit salad!
Once we finally made it in the storm shelter, it was extremely hot. Too many people + too little space = lots of heat! The storm actually died out before it reached us, and we were all herded back up the stairs to the fieldhouse. However, our good seat was gone! I told Gary and Ann that is exactly why I don't kill myself trying to be somewhere on time! Just kidding, I really do kill myself trying to get there, it just never happens! 
Ann and Addy, so thankful she was able to carry Ava that night with all of the walking, otherwise we would have gave up and went home.

Anyway, the ceremony turned out fine and we got to relax at her party. The kids had a really good time and we all ate way too much. The only thing missing was Daddy. We love you and our proud of you Ms. Emily!

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