Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Pig

Mr. Lynn and Ms. Rita from church invited the kids over to see their new baby pigs. With our crazy schedule it took us a few weeks to make it to their house and the pigs weren't so new. Here are a few pics from that morning.
The boys wanted to get a lot closer but after hearing tales of how a momma pig protects her babies, they quickly changed their minds.

Austen is seriously contemplating Mr. Lynn's proposal of trading a sister for a baby pig. He voiced his opinion that if he left a sister, it would most definitely be Ava and not Addy.
Ava was so cute that day in her overalls and boots!

We had been reading Charlotte's Web and once we got home the boys realized that these were "spring pigs." Maybe a spider is living in the barn and just waiting to intervene so they will all be spared. ;-)

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