Thursday, June 23, 2011

Addy @ Four Months

Addy Kay, you are four months old!
You are wearing white edge pre-folds and medium covers. You wear some 3-6 month clothes and some 6-9 month. You are still wearing a size two shoe. Your hair is getting thinner by the day, but is still very long in the back. I get very offended when people refer to your mullet. A hair cut may be in your near future.
You smile a lot, especially at your big brothers.
You can get up on your hands and knees and rock but you haven't quite figured out how to crawl. You love to kick your legs and when you are in the floor it looks like you are trying to swim.

This week we took you in for a doctor's appointment. You weighed 15 pounds and 2 ounces and were 24 inches long, maybe longer but you would not be still!
You helped Momma and Daddy celebrate their anniversary by going out to lunch with us. You helped Daddy celebrate his first Father's Day as a Daddy to four.
You are still sleeping through the night and prefer to sleep in your crib. Every night you get very fussy until you eat and are put in your bed. We jokingly say you turn into a pumpkin every night at 8:00.

We debated for four months on what to do about your immunizations. In the past we have always vaccinated, but we got behind with Ava's shots. She was due for shots in December of 2009, and our area had a major outbreak of the swine flu and the doc advised us to skip shots until the spring. That spring Ava had her febrile seizure and we decided not to get her caught up in case she ran fever with her shots. We did lots of research and decided we were not going to vaccinate. So you only received a Vitamin K shot at birth because you came so fast and had lots of bruising. But after four months, much debate and lots of prayers, we decided it would be better to vaccinate you and your sister to prevent you from getting an illness that would cause a febrile seizure as opposed to the low risk of running fever with shots. We are being picky about which shots we get, some are just not necessary. This week we took both of you in to get caught up and it was no fun. I pre-medicated both of you with Tylenol and gave it around the clock (alternating with Motrin for Ava) for the next 48 hours. Your stomach was not right from the medicine but other than that you handled them much better than your big sis. Next month you will be completely caught up.

You are so happy and loving, but are definitely a Momma's girl. I am enjoying every minute because I know it will go by too fast. We love you Addy!

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