Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chattering Children-Aiden

We were out to eat and a mom and kids struck up a conversation with us. They asked all of the kids' names and picked up on the theme pretty quickly. The girl said, "Hey, they are kinda like the Duggars' except they use an 'A' instead of a 'J'.
We enjoyed a nice talk and they were called to their table.

Aiden: Mom, do they know the Duggars?
Me: Honey, I'm sure they don't know them they have just heard of them.
Aiden: Oh, so they don't know them like we do, they just watch them on T.V.?
Me: Aiden, we don't know them either we just watch them.
Aiden: But Mom, we KNOW them, we hung out with them that one time!

In his defense, we did see them at a campaign rally in Little Rock, but by no means, do we know them. Shows how much reality TV does for kids, now they have a whole new set of friends!

Later he was trying to describe the incident to Daddy. He described the boy with the family as "a boy that had a tattoo like Nana's." I asked him what did you say? He repeated, "you know the boy had a tattoo like Nana's." 
Me: Aiden, your Nana does not have a tattoo and I can assure you a 8 year old boy does not have one either.
Aiden: Yes, she does.
Me: Aiden, no she does not.
Aiden: Yes she does, you know that kind that is in her coloring books.
Me: Oh, you mean temporary tattoos! You need to be careful how you say things, it sounded like you were saying Nana had a real tattoo.
Aiden: Okay, next time I will say, the boy who has a tattoo like Nana has.

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