Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Pics

These are just some random pictures, I have so many I want to post, but I am having a hard time getting caught up. (dial-up makes the process even slower!) Enjoy!

Addy hanging out in the floor, her new favorite spot!
I love hair bows!
Who knew a laundry basket could double as a race car, sled, tractor, ski boat...the list is endless!
Addy is so happy in the mornings!
First clue we should put up the bouncy seat! She did this while she was fastened!
New plan, high chair!
Look at those cheeks!
More morning smiles for her big brother.
She was being too quiet. I found her asleep in the living room floor, she had been playing and talking just 2 seconds before these pictures.
What a sweet little face!

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