Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Afternoon at the Spa

Daddy was spending the day with Uncle Beef, so I loaded up the kids and we headed to the spa. I know it sounds crazy taking three kids, but they were so well behaved! I have always had spring/summer babies and I usually treat myself to a pedicure right before they are due. I had talked myself out of it this time until I started feeling sorry for Dad (and maybe myself). I didn't want to ask him to cut my toenails and I have heard a good foot rub can start labor. Plus the weather was so spring-like I just could not resist. (We're still waiting on a baby!)

Ava was very still and quiet. I think she was waiting on her turn.

What a cute smile!

The boys were on their best behavior, thanks to Nana's i-pad. It's amazing how fast Aiden can do his math problems on it, much faster than pen and paper. I guess we will have to put it on his Christmas list. ;)

On our way to town, Aus asked where we were going. I told him we were going to get Momma's toenails painted. He had lots of questions about it. Such as "Where is the toenail place?" and "What are we going to do at the toenail place?" We had to wait in line longer than I wanted so we were there almost two hours. When we got in the van to come home, he was exhausted from waiting, that boy has so much energy! Apparently he had overheard me tell Jake about my hopes for my pedicure starting labor. As I was putting him in his seat, he looked at me very seriously and stated, "Momma, if that baby is not at the house when we get there, I am going to be so MAD." How cute, he wanted to make sure he had not wasted his day!

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  1. Too cute! When we gd our last ultrasound Griff and Ben couldn't understand how we were going to get pictures of the baby but not take her home.