Monday, February 14, 2011

More Snow!

Just a few pics from the snow this past week. We got between 6 and 7 inches and it was very pretty. Ava missed out on this trip outside, she was taking a much needed nap. The boys enjoyed playing, but I think they may be getting tired of it. The new has definitely worn off. I am so glad we don't see a lot of snow, my floors look awful and the van is a disaster!

Austen and Aiden playing with Dingo, Nanny's newest pet. All three had a lot of fun running, jumping and rolling in the snow. I am certain Dingo slept well that night!
Austen's interpretation of "SMILE". Maybe his mouth was frozen?
Aiden made his own snowmen this time, as you can see he is very proud of his work.

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