Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Depot at Home

The first Saturday of every month, Home Depot has a workshop for kids. It is a really neat program. All the kids get an official Home Depot apron with their name on it and every time they attend the workshop and build something, they get a new pin to put on their apron.

 Ava now refers to herself as Sissy. 
I think Sissy keeps up with the boys pretty well.

Well, Daddy's schedule has been a little crazy and we have not had the opportunity to go. Mom can take the kids, but the boys enjoy it much more when Dad can go. We finally got to go last Saturday but somehow I got out of the house without my camera. So, no pics! Sorry!

 Aiden- our perfectionist! He made two, and picked the better one out for himself!
Ava didn't seem to mind.

One of the men who helps out, gave us last month's activity to take home. When Daddy was at Bible Study, we were just killing time until he came home to watch Nature with us. So we tried it out, but we forgot the aprons!

 Austen has his own way of doing a project, whatever makes that sweet boy happy!

The boys quickly lost patience with Mom. I always have to read the directions, and Dad never needs them! But we were able to make 3 battery organizers. Which the boys are using to display cars/dinosaurs/whatever toy may fit!

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  1. Too Cute! I didn't know home depot did that. shows how much we get out!