Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pinnacle Mountain

In contrast to the previous posting about the snow, a few weeks later we were fortunate to have spring like weather at the end of January. We had to take advantage of it and Daddy had the idea of spending the day at Pinnacle Mountain. Actually, the original idea was to take the boys. But Mom was not going to be out done. "Ava and I can go" were my exact words.... Let's just say hindsight is 20/20.

Before we started our adventure. 

I believe there are 10 markers along the trail. Ava and I saw #2, then decided we were in over our heads.  Daddy was very patient and said we could slow down and take breaks often, but it was too much for Momma being 37+ weeks pregnant.  So, we abandoned our journey, but we didn't think it over very well. Jake decided to keep going with the boys, Ava and I were going to go shopping, so he gave me the keys to the van and they took off.  About the time they were just out of sight, I realized I didn't have a wallet with me and he had our lunch! When we have hiked the trail previously, it has taken about 2 hours. I knew the boys wouldn't want to rush back to us, but I was already getting hungry!  I called Jake on his phone, explained the dilemma and we decided I should call Nana.  Poor Nana! She bails me out a lot, I guess that's what Mom's are for! She came and picked us up and it's a good thing! The guys didn't make it home for another 4 hours.

The view from the top! They are so proud of themselves!

Daddy and his Boys
I know I have a wonderful husband and God has truly blessed me. When I think about the time Jake spends with his family, teaching and playing with his children, it warms my heart. These are the best days of our lives. I am so thankful for my husband, children and everyday I get to spend with them.

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