Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Arynn @ 1 Month

Arynn Lizabeth, you are 1 month old!

Smiling at Momma
How the time flies! I am so sad to think about the fact you are already 1 month old. It doesn't seem possible, it seems like just yesterday I was wondering if you would ever get here!
Sometimes you laugh out loud and then scare yourself!
This week you helped Momma celebrate her birthday. First at Mimi and Poppa's house on Tuesday, and we celebrated again with Nana and Poppa on Wednesday.
Your siblings adore you!
You made another trip out of town, this time to Northwest Arkansas with Momma and Daddy to a marriage retreat. You behaved very well and I only had to get up with you a couple of times. You ate, slept, ate some more and slept some more! You definitely got lots of attention from all of the other mothers! You traveled well in the vehicle and this time you sat next to Momma. It was sweet to be able to watch your expressions as you slept and Daddy drove.
Ava constantly wants to hold baby Arynn.
You survived another week of school, and we are looking forward to Daddy having another 3 day weekend. You started smiling this week, which is so sweet to watch. I think you may have Daddy and Ava's dimples. You are still sleeping well at night and are awake for longer periods during the day.
You are not very impressed with Momma's photography skills!
We've tried the pacifier but you are not a fan, usually you will gag on it two to three times before taking it. Once you do take it you spit it out pretty fast.
You kept crossing your eyes, I think you could see your bow!
You have only missed one church service, although when we go, I end up going out to feed you. You have decided church time is your favorite time to eat.
Everytime I look at you, I see expressions from your older siblings. Aiden's chin, Austen's lips, Addy's cheeks, and Ava's dimples!

You are still wearing a few newborn outfits, but the selection is limited. It has been really cold this past week so you are wearing lots of sleepers which only fit if they are 0-3 months. You have officially outgrown a newborn diaper. Your face has started to break out, probably from being under a blanket to eat while at the retreat. All of your siblings had this problem too, you get your sensitive skin from your Momma. I can only use the Pampers sensitive wipes on you because everything else was causing extreme diaper rash. Thankfully I got a great deal on them from Amazon, but that is for a later post. We are enjoying watching you grow, but you don't have to do it so fast! You are such a blessing to our family, we love you Arynn!

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