Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Arynn @ 2 Weeks

Arynn Lizabeth, you are 2 weeks old!

Arynn and proud sister Addy
You went with Momma for her 1 week check-up to see Dr. S, he checked my platelets which had doubled since delivery. They were 132 and I was released from the hematologist. Thank God for answered prayers!
I took you back for a weight check on Wednesday, hoping I could skip Friday's weigh in. But you still weighed 8 pounds 15 ounces. You attended your first Wednesday night church service, which we spent in the nursery because you decided to eat every hour that night!
We stayed in our PJ's all day on Thursday!

On Friday, you got to meet the Witchers! Mrs. Stacy brought us lunch (beef and broccoli, my new favorite crock-pot dish) and I sat in the recliner and rocked you all day. Mrs. Stacy didn't let me lift a finger and prepared the food for all the kids. She also brought cookies and muffins for the next day which were quickly devoured! I was so lazy during their visit I didn't even get out the camera! So to see the photographic evidence of their visit click here.
After the Witcher's visit, Gary, Ann, Emily, and Lane came over to see you. It was Emily and Lane's first visit with you and you were on your best behavior.

Aiden, Lane, Emily holding Arynn and Ava
On Saturday we stayed home and Daddy shopped for vans. More on that in a later post.
Sunday we went to church and once again I missed most of it because you really wanted to eat non-stop during the day.
Monday I took you back in for a weight check to find out the non-stop feeds were really accomplishing something. You had gained 5 ounces in 5 days. You weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces which is only 3 ounces shy of your birth weight. Dr. Mark said you didn't have to come back until 2 months. So now if you want to sleep a longer stretch a night, I will not bother you!
You have changed so much and the days are flying by, I wish I could hit the pause button because I know I will blink and you will be just as big as your siblings. I have tried to hold you and just enjoy every moment this week, so much so that I only have two pictures! I hope I can make up for it next week. We love you and are so blessed to be your parents!

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