Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Arynn @ 1 Week

Arynn Lizabeth, you are 1 week old!

Daddy holding his new baby girl.
You are such a good baby! We got home from the hospital on Wednesday around 3:00 pm. Daddy took the big kids to church and we stayed home to rest. Poppa Kenneth came to visit while they were at church and said you looked like Aiden. After Daddy and the big kids got home, Mimi and Poppa Gary came and he got to meet you for the first time. He worked really hard to get some pictures on his phone so he could take them to work and show you off!

The Whobody was the first one up to get in line to hold Arynn our first morning home from the hospital.
You are able to sleep through all the noise in our house! Even when your siblings want to hold you ALL DAY LONG! Daddy has to wait in line to get a chance to hold his newest daughter.

Austen was next.
Aiden graciously allowed Austen to hold Arynn before his turn.
Addy always wants to "hold her". In the hospital there was a baby in the nursery while the kids were in the waiting room. Addy could see the baby and asked to "hold that baby!?!" multiple times througout the day!

On Thursday afternoon, you and Momma went to visit Nanny and Papa. We had a good visit while Daddy took everyone else to town to run a few errands.
Papa Bill meeting Arynn for the first time. He also has a February birthday, 13th, I have had two babies in February and haven't been able to hit his day yet!

Nanny Lee getting some cuddling time with Arynn.

On Friday, we went for a check-up at 3 days to Dr. Mark. He said you looked great. You do have a hip click, but he is not concerned and we will just watch it for now.

Arynn's first bath at home.
 Saturday we stayed home, and had two sets of visitors, both delievered meals.

On Sunday morning you attended your first church service. One gentleman stated that the church house was going tip to the left as the whole congregation got up to come and see you!

You are wearing newborn clothes and newborn diapers (even though the hospital gave you size 1, I guess they thought you were a big baby!) and you now weigh 8 pounds 15 ounces. You want to sleep a 5-6 hour stretch at night which I am thankful, but since you are gaining slowly, I have been waking you up after 4 hours.

1 week old- Playing Dress Up!
Daddy went back to work on Monday which made all of us sad, but Nana has been helping us out. We have had lots of visitors and lots more are waiting to meet you. You are sweet and precious and we love you so much!

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