Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arynn @ 3 Weeks

Arynn Lizabeth, you are 3 weeks old!
Photo taken by Aiden
Austen and Arynn

On Tuesday you helped us get our new van!
Wednesday we went to church and you let me sit through the whole service!
We started school back this week, so you are officially, "homeschooled." :-)
You are sleeping very well at night, you are usually awake from 10:00-11:00ish and then sleep until 4:30 or 5:00.

Sleeping Beauty
We took you on your first road trip. We traveled to Hope with Mimi, Nana, Daddy and the crew to the Jonquil Festival at Old Washington. It was not exactly what we had expected, but we made the best of it and got a few good pictures. You enjoyed the day in your wrap and everyone would stop me to ask, "Is that a baby in there?" One lady even told me she thought I was pregnant at first glance, then decided I was carrying a little high! ;-)

Our 5 Blessings
You are still wearing mainly newborn clothes but some 0-3 months. You wore size 1 sandals to church, which were adorable. You can still fit in a newborn diaper, (we have a few left) but I prefer to put you in a size 1 at night so it doesn't leak. You are so sweet and easy going. You made the trip out of town like a traveling pro, which is a good thing because there are many more trips in your immediate future!

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