Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dinosaur Drama

Aiden is becoming quite the photographer. Occasionally I will ask him to take a picture of Jake and I, or he may ask to use the camera to get a photo of one of the kids. Most of the time I let him and he does a pretty good job. A few weeks ago, I got all of the girls down for a nap and asked the boys to play quietly in their room, so I could nap. I vaguely remember Aiden waking me up to ask if he could borrow the camera. I had forgot about the question until a few days later, I uploaded my pictures and found these!

My favorite- I'm sure he was following Aiden's instructions, but he just couldn't stay behind the door!
I know all kids have an imagination, but it amazes me what these boys come up with! Only a few thousand more shots and they could have had a 1 minute stop-motion movie!

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