Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Momma's Birthday

On Tuesday night, we went to celebrate my birthday with Mimi, Poppa, Keith and Cabrina. Unfortunately, Arynn was pretty fussy and I didn't even get my camera out of the bag. :-( But the food was wonderful, she made an awesome dessert and I got more photo albums! I only need about 500 more!!!

On Wednesday, my actual birthday, we celebrated with Nana and Poppa Kenneth. Nana wanted to have it on my birthday even though it was church night. We went to their house for pizza, went to church, then we came back for cake. They got me a gift certificate for a much needed pedicure! I feel so blessed to have wonderful parents and in-laws!

Aiden's favorite spot is with Poppa is his chair. (Poppa is thrilled that I am taking his picture!)
Can we say "cheese?"

Not to be outdone...
Our crew waiting on cake, everyone except Arynn, I think Poppa was holding her.

Taken by Aiden, it was supposed to be of me unwrapping my gift!
My last birthday in my 20's. Where has the time gone? Somedays I feel like I should still be Aiden's age! I can't imagine how my parents feel to know their baby is almost 30. I remember when my Mom turned 30 and it was a big deal, black balloons and I was thinking..."I'll never be that old" and now I'm almost there. Birthdays are a blessing and I am thankful for everyday, no matter how young or old I am! Although to hear my kids tell it I should be getting mail from AARP.

Austen asked the other day "Momma, are you really old?" Me- "Pretty old." Aus- "Like really, really old?" Me- "Yeah" Aus-"Are you like as old as Ms. ______?" (An elderly lady in our church) Me- "Not that old, but pretty close!!!" Out of the mouths of babes. :-)

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