Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Addy @ 5-6 weeks

This post is late but I wanted to be able to remember these past few weeks.

On March 29th, I took Addy to the doctor again, because her face was still broke out. He thought it looked more like eczema than baby acne and suggested using lotion. I had been avoiding it because it made the other's skin worse. I started bathing her in Aveeno baby wash and using Eucerin after  and her skin is much better! (thanks Lisa!) She weighed 10 lbs 12 oz and was 23.5 inches at that appointment. She is getting so long! He reassured me I should be thankful she wants to sleep and stop worrying! Since then, Addy has been waking up to eat more at night. I guess she just wanted to make sure I knew she was okay!
Ava giving Addy a kiss.

Addy has been smiling a lot and is starting to become more vocal. I just love sweet baby noises. Even her cry is so sweet, and we have been hearing it more and more! She has decided she does NOT like her swing. The only place you can lay her down is in her bouncy seat and that is only for a short amount of time. She is not too fond of the wrap either. She just likes to be held. I don't know who could have made her so rotten...
 Addy just being precious!

I love this outfit, but it is almost too small. Addy is longer than Ava was so some onesies have a hard time snapping. I have the extenders, which are a great investment but they don't work on these cute little outfits.

I am afraid Addy is going to suck her thumb. She will take a pacifier (Ava calls it her paci-turn), but she is not crazy about it. She has no problem getting her thumb in her mouth. This is great because she self soothes, but it is not going to be fun breaking her from it !

Addy and Dr. Simmons

With all the excitement with Addy's delivery, when didn't get a picture of Dr. Simmons. So I made sure to take my camera with me on my appointment. My check-up went really well, and Dr. Simmons was so sweet. I had lost 30 pounds, which sounds great until you think about the fact that almost 10 pounds was baby!

Addy was in the middle of eating when he came in the room and was not happy about having to stop mid-meal!

I was upset when I knew I probably wouldn't deliver with my doctor, but I am so thankful we met Dr. Simmons. He was absolutely wonderful with our delivery and I am going to continue to use him. I am sure he will retire soon (for the 2nd time) and I want to use him while we can. When I got ready to check out at the office they asked if I wanted to see him for my yearly. Sure, just send me a card. No, if you want to see him next year, you have to make your appointment now. Really?!? I guess that is the sign of a great doctor!

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