Monday, April 25, 2011

Chattering Children - Aiden

This is the first of what will be recurring posts about the cute things the kids say. At one time, I felt like I would never forget about all the precious things they have said, but now I know that was crazy and I want to be able to remember them.

With Jake's new schedule, he has to miss some church services. He always asks the boys how church went. One Sunday afternoon this is how the conversation went.

Jake- So how was church?
Aiden- Good! Lucifer was there.
Jake- What!?
Aiden- You know Lucifer.
Jake- No, I don't know anyone at our church named Lucifer.
Aiden- Yes you do. You know, Ms. C's Momma's little boy.
Jake- No, Aiden that little boy's name is LUKE!
Aiden- OOOOOOOHHHHH! I thought his name was Lucifer! I knew it was one of them L names from the Bible!

Not only was it hysterical that he had his name wrong, Ms C's Momma as he described her was really Ms. C's older sister by only about 2 years!

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