Monday, April 11, 2011

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

When Aiden was a baby, Nana, Mimi and I made our first trip to Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs. We went with a group of ladies from church and took a picnic lunch. Since then, some of the ladies we went with have passed and some are not in good health. It brings a smile to my face to remember those precious ladies, our time together and the impact they had on my life. Every spring I try to go back with the kids. It is a great place for pictures and that is what I was hoping to get last week. Well...

This is what we saw when we first arrived. Where are the tulips? We have had some very windy days and I am assuming they didn't make it through the wind just like at our house. We were able to find some tulips but nothing like I have seen in past years. Jake had never been in the daylight, sometimes we go at Christmas and see the lights, so needless to say he wasn't impressed!
Ava, Daddy, Austen, Aiden at the koi pond.
As we were coming in the entrance a nice lady gave us some fish food, the boys were excited to get to feed the fish instead of just looking. It was hard to keep Aus and Ava out of the water. They are such water bugs!
Ava modeling our new stroller.

Before we went to Hot Springs, we drove to Little Rock to pick up this stroller. I had been looking for a sit and stand stroller on craigslist for awhile and finally found one. It was so nice to have that day! Ava would not have made it with all of the walking. I can't wait to use it at the zoo! There is an attachment for Addy's carseat, but her carseat is red and the stroller is green.  We look a little like Christmas, but she won't be in the carseat forever.  Although it did color coordinate nicely with the red tulips ;-)
Aiden has always been so solemn.
Austen looking at the camera?!?
Ava is getting to the stage where pictures aren't as easy. How sad, she used to be the most photogenic!
Maybe there is still hope for Addy, so far she doesn't protest too much.
Aiden, Daddy, and Austen
How much do all of these guys look alike in this picture?
 Ava, Mommy, Addy
It is very difficult to balance a small baby and keep a toddler still for pictures!
 Daddy and Mommy
We don't have a lot of pictures of us together, but that is changing with Aiden being able to take pics. I think he does pretty good for a six year old. We had a good day, the weather was beautiful and we were able to make it back in time for church that night. We really enjoy Daddy's days off. I am glad he is such a good Daddy and husband and wants to spend time with his family. We love him so much and feel so blessed.

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