Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lunch and a Treat

Last week we met Mimi and her friend Denise for lunch. Denise was wanting to meet Addy and we finally got the chance to see her. Denise has been Mimi's friend for a long time and she is so sweet. She has an embroidery business and she made shirts for the kids and a bib and bag for Addy. They were so cute with a monkey on them. I had not had a chance to get big brother/sister shirts. All of the shirts in stores that were Ava's size said "little sister." I had intentions of having some made, but what can I say, we have been a little busy.

 Denise holding Addy, Austen, Ava, Aiden

The boys had been with Daddy at Uncle Beef's house and were in their play clothes but I still wanted a picture of them modeling their shirts with Ms. Denise. Ava has claimed the bag for herself. We had to make a trip to Little Rock that afternoon and all we heard was, "sissy's bag!"
Denise, Addy, Mimi

Thank you Ms. Denise!

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