Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If you are ever at our house and can't find the big kids, just look for them outside in the dirt!

The boys recently got these new shovels from some extra special people and they are loving them!

Jake plowed up this area of the yard for pumpkins and they spend most of their time outside looking for treasure, making mud pies and just digging!

Aiden and Sally

The boys got puppies for Christmas in 2009. We love "the girls". Everyone told us we would not want beagles because they have so much energy. Apparently they have never met ours. The girls are so lazy! They are laid-back, never jump on the boys and are low maintenance. The perfect dogs for our busy family. They entertain themselves and use up a lot of energy by running rabbits in the thicket behind our house, and they enjoy following the kids around the yard.


Scout belongs to Austen, and all I can say is that they are made for each other. She is our wanderer and trouble maker. Sometimes Jake jokingly asks if we can just keep Sally! I am glad we got two puppies instead of one because I think they do well having each other. They do everything together, eat, bark, scratch, chase chickens, even use the bathroom simulataneously! Now we just need two more, one for Ava and one for Addy!

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