Saturday, April 23, 2011

Addy @ Two Months

 Addy Kay, you are 2 months old!

You are sleeping better at night, but not all night. You like to eat pretty constant from 6 pm til bedtime and wake up 1-2 times at night. You are still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed. I'm thankful for the sleep but it's difficult to get anything done after 6, it is also hard to go to church during your fussy time. But compared to your siblings you are the least fussy! Maybe Mommy is just more laid back this time around.

 You still wear a preemie prefold with extra-small/newborn covers. Most of your clothes are 0-3 months, but some are a little short in the stride and most of your dresses need to be 3-6 months to cover your behind. You like tummy time for about 10 minutes but your favorite way to be held is facing out, so you can see what's going on. You are still not in love with the wrap, but we did make it through the grocery store once with you in it.
You had professional portraits made and slept through most of the photo shoot. You like your bouncy seat again, and you will sit in your swing for a short period of time thanks to the mobile. You went with Mommy and Ava to get Mommy's hair cut. You behaved very well, because you ate the whole time. You are a very noisy eater and everyone laughed at you. Ava sat in the new stroller and looked at magazines and sang to us. I really enjoyed our girl time. You girls were the talk of the beauty shop! You also attended your first birthday party for Madisyn this weekend. You got lots of compliments on your pretty dark hair.
Each day I think you look like someone different. This week I see a lot of Austen expressions from you, especially when you give me that precious smile. You have started talking to us and you are becoming more vocal. When I change your diaper in the "girls' room" you really enjoy laying on Ava's toddler bed (which is not being used). You are very content to lay there and look around for 10-15 minutes, I just have to make sure Ava's stays off of you. Ava gets very upset when you cry, to the point of trying to put her hand over your mouth. Ironically you usually stop crying when she comes near you, maybe you think if you are quiet, you are safer that way! Even though I compare you to your siblings, you are very unique and special in your own way. We love you so much!

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